Ted Adler

President / Founder

As a serial entrepreneur,

Ted is involved in just about everything at Union Street Media, but spends most of his time on client development, account management and marketing. He’s the one responsible for keeping an eye on the big picture, managing our growing business and, most importantly, making sure everyone is happy to come into work in the morning.

Dave Saraceno

Managing Director

Dave brings more than 15 years of experience in client management, project management, and sales to his role as Managing Director. He brings vitality, professionalism, and a desire to understand a client’s needs specific to their industry so that he is better able to offer them a tailored solution that supports their on- and offline goals. Dave’s primary focus is to build awareness about Union Street Media’s Interactive offerings and grow long-term relationships with a wide variety of markets, including financial, high tech, engineering, construction, schools & camps, and non-profits. Dave currently resides in Shelburne, VT with his wife, Kate, and their two sons, Graham and Fritz.

Will Read

Director of Client Strategy


B.A., St. Lawrence University. Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, NH

At Union Street Media

I was hired to wash dishes, but it turned out that I had some account management experience that proved useful. I am currently in charge of making sure our clients are getting the best possible level of service while we build them the most beautiful, functional and productive websites for their businesses.

Favorite part of your Job

The thing I love most about working at Union Street Media is building relationships with our clients. All of our clients have clear and concise goals on how to get the most out of their website and the creative process of hammering all that out is very enjoyable.

I also love being surrounded by such intelligent employees. Watching our designers, programmers and developers take our clients’ ideas and turn them into a working website is really an amazing process and I feel pretty lucky to be a part of it.

Scott Preavy

Senior Designer

As a creative designer,

It’s my job to take good content and make it great through the use of elegant visual language. I love web and print design, and crafting an effective, consistent brand across digital and print media.

Peter Hegman

Web Developer & Support Technician

As a developer at USM interactive I help build the front-end and back-end of our sites, as well as help to make sure the sites are running smoothly after launch. I enjoy educating clients about how to effectively use our platform and I am available to help clients get the most out of their site! With new technology always coming out I enjoy the challenge of integrating this technology into the sites we build.

Kory Mathis

Web Developer & Support Technician

I started my web development journey over a decade ago, building simple websites for my friends and the various bands in which I played. These days, I enjoy building professional websites that are fast, user-friendly and responsive to the myriad of today’s browsers and devices. I love keeping up with the latest web technology and applying it our work here at USM Interactive, as well as empowering our clients to have the knowledge and control of their websites that is necessary to help their businesses succeed.

When I’m not building websites, I’m playing guitar and recording music with my friends, as well as hunting tirelessly for the world’s best pho.

Tel: 802.865.3332 ext 113

Alex Cavender

Web Developer

I focus on building websites for our clients and working with our team to implement new ideas into production. I’m always building new themes, and creating new custom functionality and plugins for our clients. I am always working to expanding the way we use WordPress at USMI, including custom web applications and more.


Susannah Noel

SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist


B.A., Religious Studies and History, University of Vermont; M.A., Religious Studies, Syracuse University

At Union Street Media

As SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist, I am responsible for monitoring and improving our clients’ digital marketing, including how they’re performing in Google and other search results. I analyze data about how many visitors your website is getting, where those visitors are coming from, and whether those visitors are filling out contact forms or buying your products. Using this information, I recommend which efforts to pursue, quarter by quarter — whether it’s to increase engagement on social media, add a targeted blog post, or reach out to other websites for inbound links.

Outside of work

My two sons keep me going — they help me stay abreast of the latest memes and I try to get them to appreciate Seinfeld. I also love to play with my dog, take walks, and binge-watch just about anything.

Pam Bouffard

Office Manager

From handling bookkeeping to stocking the kitchen with all the right snacks, Pam keeps our busy office running smoothly.

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