Farm and Wilderness - USM Interactive

Farm and Wilderness Foundation is group of eight camps focusing on community and living closely in the natural world.

A new site for a unique summer camp collective

At Farm & Wilderness, campers and teens have the woods, lakes and fields of central Vermont as their playground, classroom and home.

Located in the heart of central Vermont, Farm and Wilderness is a camp that focuses on the simpler things in life. Campers and staff live together in simple, wooden cabins and canvas structures tucked in the woods or on the lakeshore. There is no electricity or running water in the cabins; there are no movies, television, computers, or recorded music at the camps.

This project presented some unique information architecture challenges, as all eight camps that the organization offers needed to be equally represented. They also came to us with the ambitious goal of halving the number of pages on their existing site, which had crept higher and higher over the years.

Ultimately, we came up with a unique hybrid solution of traditional navigation, nested internal dropdowns and off canvas menus that allowed us to showcase everything in an efficient, visually appealing way. We also implemented a custom design system that provides a variety of layout options to highlight F&W’s lush photography and give a real sense of what makes their community unique.