“Dear USM Interactive Team,

I knew you were the right team for us, that our years-long partnership would continue to be fruitful, and that you could execute our vision in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Turns out – I was totally right.

Scott’s design is beautiful, and perfectly gets across how special this place is. To quote one of our team members, “I love it. It’s fantastic. It’s visually clean, the featured events piece is awesome, the videos, the conciseness, the pics, even down to the cleanliness of the footer. Amazing job.”

Kory has built the site so that it is easy to use (and easy for me to keep updated, which is a BIG deal). I’m going to be getting (actually already am getting) a lot of congratulations for this site over the next few weeks, and I wish you all were closer so that you could share them with me because really, this is all you.

Thank you for making me look so good, but mostly – thank you for helping our church beautifully communicate its warmth and love with the world through this amazing site.


Anne Wilkinson
Director of Communications
Congregational Church of New Canaan

PS: If I were closer to Burlington, the cupcakes would have been homemade and this note would have been attached. Hope they’re good! :)”

[Thanks for this testimonial Anne – and YES, the cupcakes were delicious!]