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Overage Signoff for

Please sign this form to approve your overage. Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Sign off approved July 28, 2014

I, Jason Marks, of SE Group, hereby acknowledge my request for an additional 34-41 hours for the specifics detailed below, on Friday, July 25, 2014.


The additional 34-41 hours will cover the following:

Design Services for

  • “Services” landing page: 6 hours or $900
  • “Our Approach”: 8-10 hours or $1,200-$1,500
  • “Our Team” list view and detail view: 10-12 hours or $1,500-$1,800

This time include

  • Alaina’s initial creation of the design
  • Alaina having a 1.5 hour call on scheduled Mondays to discuss revisions
  • The completion of revisions (within reason) requested through a final list sent by Paula

Please note that if additional rounds of revisions are requested or if the revisions requested are over and above what is expected, the estimate may need to be increased. 

Please also note that requested revisions may impact the production budget.  We will not be able to determine by how much until the revisions are requested and will let you know if we anticipate your revisions requests affecting the production budget.   


Production time 

The only page which has the potential to bring the production budget over is the “Our Team” list and detail view.  The estimate for that page would be an additional 4-6 hours or $600-$900.  


Project Management time

Additionally, as a company policy, project management time must be at least 20% of all additional estimates.  As such, 20% of the 28-34 additional hours is about 6-7 additional hours of project management or $900-$1,050. 


With this sign off, I confirm my understanding that the request I have made (described above) is estimated to take between 34-41 hours, is out of scope of my initial project budget, and may result in an overage of $5,100-$6,150.

I understand that my approval of this overage will most likely result in my having to pay the above-mentioned cost above the high end of my initial contract budget of $32,700-$38,100 and extend the timeline of my project.