Sales Notes

  • USM Interactive: Sales Notes

    Sales Notes are extremely important as they set the stage for the rest of the project. The more detailed the sales notes are, the smoother start a project will have. Additionally, detailed and straightforward sales notes often lead to more successful projects (happier clients) in the long run. Nobody likes to feel like they’re repeating themselves, so if the client said something to you during your phone calls, in-person meetings, and lunch/coffee dates, we need to know about it.
  • for example: Union Street Media
  • Your Main Contact

    This information pertains to the individual/individuals you met with and spoke with during your sales conversations. This person/persons will also be the main Basecamp contact, although you can add additional BC contacts below if necessary.
  • for example: Ted Adler
  • for example: [email protected]
  • During the sales process, did you speak with additional members of the team regularly? Or, will additional members of the client team need to be added to Basecamp? If so, please list their names, titles, email, and phone numbers here.
  • for example:
  • for example: Burlington, VT
  • Are they a summer camp, college, law firm, car dealership? If you had to give an elevator pitch about what they do, what would you say?
  • Is the client laid back and easy to work with? Do they have an understanding of technology or are they scared by it? Do they want a lot of contact or are they hands off and “whatever you think is best” clients?
  • Why did they choose us as their web developers? Did we have competition? If so, who? Were they referred by a previous client? If so, by whom?
  • What does the client want to accomplish with the site?  What is their primary need? What challenges are they currently facing as a company/organization?
  • What types of functionality did the client request/did you include in the contract? In other words, any items outside of the normal scope - calendar, photo gallery, content creation, donation forms, application forms, integration with a third-party, etc.
  • Is there an expedited time-line or specific deadline? 
  • Did the client mention any notes/preferences/requests that are important to pass along to the Design team? Are there any items sold out of normal packaging? Are there any special circumstances? Are there any must-haves, dislikes, etc.?